بیوٹی ٹپس   ۔      جلد کی حفاظت   ۔    کیل مہاسے   ۔   آپکی صحت   ۔   موٹاپا   ۔   میک اپ  ۔ بالوں کی حفاظت ۔  آنکھوں کے حلقے   ۔   فیشل ماسک  

Beauty tips in Urdu اردو بیوٹی ٹپس

Here you can find beauty tips in Urdu for all types of skin, Beauty tips in Urdu for Skin care, acne home treatment, Hair care tips in Urdu, Makeup tips in Urdu, Beauty tips for pimples and wrinkles, homemade most beneficial face masks, dark circles under eyes, nail care tips etc



What Are Bb, Cc And Dd Creams

We all know that with the passage of the time the needs have increased and for most importantly the need have increased in the women as they are willing to use the different kinds of the products that.....

Makeup Ideas For Autumn 2014

Having the perfect makeup look is the wish of every girl now. As by the help of the makeup products the skin flaws can be hidden, so that is why in so.....

Eyeliner Ideas For Stunning Eyes

When it comes to the makeup, there are many different tricks and techniques that you can try in order to have the different looks in the makeup. Even .....

Stop Hair fall گرتے بالوں کے لئے

Mineral deficiency, inflammation of the scalp, a poor diet, dehydration, stress and hormonal changes are all factors that can lead to hair loss. The u.....

What is Fish pedicure?
What is the Fish pedicure?

Simply put, it is a pedicure done by small fish!

Variety of fish fed the dead skin from your feet (but also your hands if.....

Masks for acne and oily skin

اردو میں پڑھیں

Here is a better natural mask for oily skin. Use this natural mask to get a fresh and beautiful skin without pimples?

It is not easy .....

Best tips for beautiful skin

اردو میں پڑھیں

Regular cleaning with milk:

Regular cleansing is very essential, because it will clean the makeup, so bacteria will not be able t.....

Top masks!

اردو میں پڑھیں

Hide and seek with yourself

There are correspondences between the textures almost Baudelaire cosmetic masks and unconscious represe.....

Treat your hair gently

اردو میں پڑھیں

Of course, evokes the sweetness of childhood, and our desire silky hair merges with the desire to find baby hair, in which we go hand .....

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