Freckles treatment

Freckles treatment

چھائیوں کا مکمل علاجNatural home remedies for freckles ۔ Natural home made freckles tips are very effective in controlling freckles. As the remedy is home made so it is safe

Freckles are usually appear on sun-exposed skin, especially on the face. The best way to combat freckles is to make sure that you use a sunscreen every time you are going outside.

Homemade remedies are useful to lightened the freckles at home. Lime juice is known to be the most effective way to lighten freckles. Apply and leave it for a few minutes and wash off with fresh water. Do not forget to use sunscreen lotion to your face and arms, while going outdoor. This is the best way to stop them from darkening further.

You can also use a fruit mask. Crushed strawberries, papayas, pineapples and cucumber will help considerably in lightening your freckles. Simply apply a thick layer of the paste generously to your freckled areas and they will lighten.

Milk is an excellent product to use to reduce freckles. Milk will work very effectively in reducing the freckles. If you can add a few drops of lime juice to make sour milk, this will also work very well. Generally, all sour products found in nature are helpful in getting rid of freckles.

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