بیوٹی ٹپس   ۔      جلد کی حفاظت   ۔    کیل مہاسے   ۔   آپکی صحت   ۔   موٹاپا   ۔   میک اپ  ۔ بالوں کی حفاظت ۔  آنکھوں کے حلقے   ۔   فیشل ماسک  

Beauty Tips in Urdu, Beauty tips , اردو بیوٹی ٹپس

Beauty Tips for girls and boys, Homemade Beauty Tips in Urdu for skin, hair care beauty tips in Urdu, makeup tips in Urdu are updated regularly. You may also send us your problems related to health and Beauty, and we will try our best to find the solution for your problem.

Masks for acne and oily skin

اردو میں پڑھیں

Here is a better natural mask for oily skin. Use this natural mask to get a fresh and beautiful skin without pimples?

It is not easy to have a fresh, beautiful and pimple free skin at.....

Pedicure at Home

For months, our feet are compressed and neglected. Before putting on our shoes, it takes 45 minutes to process the onions with a pedicure home!

How o.....

Home remedies for oily skin in Urdu

چکنی جلد کیلئے کار آمد نسخے

Buy foundations containing titanium dioxide, a natural protector  from Sun.
Avoid products that have alcohol in them, espe.....

Jild ke Azmooda Totkey, jild ki hifazat

چہرے کی خوبصورتی کیلئے آزمودہ ٹوٹکے

I am publishing very effective beauty tips for face, most of the people used these tips to enhance their beauty. .....

Brush your teeth when drink fruit juice

Brushing your teeth is vital , when you take tea are drink some juice, most of people don't care their teeth as they care their skin and hair. Whiter .....

Tips to care your teeth in Urdu

For the prevention of teeth, you should brush twice a day.

Following advices my be useful : -

Clean Chewing surfaces, exterior surfaces, interio.....
Teeth whitening tips in Urdu
Wonderful home teeth whitening tips and remedies to make your teeth white and clean and to prevent teeth from all diseases. Natural teeth whitening ti.....
Beauty Tips in Urdu for men

Men's Beauty Tips in Urdu. Men and women have different beauty needs. Beauty tips for men will help them get noticed and stay looking younger longer. .....

Beauty Tips In Urdu for girls

Beauty tips in Urdu for girls that really work. Good health is necessory for charming skin. Following beauty tips in Urdu  for.....

Bad mouth smell home treatment urdu

منہ کی بدبو

Read about home remedies for bad breath and bad breath treatments. Also read how to cure ... Bad breath is caused by odor producing bacte.....

Lips care in urdu

ہونٹوں کی حفاظت

lips care tips in urdu : Lip care is an impotent part of beauty regimen.Lip skin is very sensitive and tender.There are some useful t.....

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