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Facial tips in Urdu

Facial tips in Urdu, How to prepare facial mask and best facial tips in Urdu for every type of skin.Homemade facial mask for every type of skin. Learn the art of healthy facial and save your money.

Facial treatment at home

ہربل فیشل کا مکمل طریقہ

Most of us are busy in our daily lives and are unable to take good care of skin. We don't even time to get washed our face properly. Your skin needs a detailed cleansing ses.....

Mask for oily skin in Urdu

چکنی جلد کیلئے ما سک

If your skin is oily, here is best mask for oily skin. You know ,there are many products available in the market for oily skin, however nothing is as good as homemade products......

Homemade mask for dry skin urdu


Homemade Face Mask for Combination Skin A rose-based mask is perfect for balancing out the oily and dry areas of your skin.

Dry skin is very prone to wrinkles therefore it must be taken care of.....

Oxygen facial for skin urdu

آکسیجن فیشل

Oxygen facials and products touting oxygen as a skin enhancer are hot right now. But does super-oxygenation make your skin healthier.

Oxygen Facials are becoming more and more popular es.....

homemade ubtan for face

جلد کیلئے ابٹن

Ubtan is a paste made from kitchen products, best for face wash, it is widely used in India from centuries



Homemade mask for dry skin

Dry skin is the cause of certain environmental factors like cold, wind, excessive sun exposiour etc

So you have sensitive skin, that we are exposed to the climatic conditions on the Constitution, if t.....

Cucumber Facial Mask

Especially for allergy sufferers homemade face masks have the enormous advantages, since it is made from a few well-known ingredients, which most people know whether they can tolerate it or not. Those.....

Besan Facial

Besan Facial

besan is very good for all skin type.Its make your skin glowing and fair.If you want to its more effect on your face then you can follow this Facial.



Egg and Honey Mask

انڈے اور شہد کا ماسک

Egg,curd, olive oil,honey and rose water mask for Beauty. It is best for dry skin.Its bring shining and freshness on your skin. Remember homemade beauty tips is the real solution.....

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