Homemade Hair Conditionar & Shampoo

Homemade Hair Conditionar & Shampoo

بالوں کی حفاظت

Homemade Hair Conditionar & Shampoo, Prepare your shapoo at home and save your hair and money.

Egg Conditioner:

baby oil           1 tablespoon

Egg yolk          1

Water             1 cup


Blend egg yolk up to the extent that foam will appear on the surface.

Now add baby oil to it and blend it more. When prepared then add some water to it and mix properly.

Now massage with this mixture to your hair. Leave it for one hour and then wash it.

Home made shampoo:


Olive oil                        1 ounce

Egg                             1

Lemon juice                  1 tablespoon

Apple cider vinegar        1/2 tablespoon


Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend properly. Now add this mixture to your shampoo and use it.


Homemade Hair Conditioner & Shampoo in Urdu:


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