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Hand Care Tips

Hand care Tips: Beauty tips in Urdu for hand and foot care. Hand cure and treatment in Urdu.Usually people don't care their hands as they care their hands.Hands are also most visible part of body so take care of your hands with easy tips


Manicure at home

Appointments at salon for manicure are expensive? And if we learned to make beautiful nails at home? Here is the right thing to ask for a home manicure effective and complete.

First step: clean


Cracked heel treatment urdu

ایڑھیوں کی خوبصورتیPeople who are overweight, more pressure on the heel, so that the skin there spread laterally and therefore prone to cracked heels and heel fissures. Standing for a long time also c.....

Cracked heel home remedy urdu

پھٹی ایڑھیوں کیلئے

Creaked heels is the problem of every one, it intens in winter season,but some peoples have this problem permanently. Here is an article in Urdu for you to achieve beautiful heals......

Honey skin cream recipe urdu

Honey Skin Cream:

Honey skin cream is high in protein, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other skin nourishing substances. The honey skin cream absorbe very well . The honey as a cosmetic skin cream h.....

Dry hand treatment urdu

خشک ہاتھ

In our daily routine we use our hands, so hands need more attention. While washing clothes different chemical harm our hands. All chemicals dry out our hands and nails. Some tips for your ha.....

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