بیوٹی ٹپس   ۔      جلد کی حفاظت   ۔    کیل مہاسے   ۔   آپکی صحت   ۔   موٹاپا   ۔   میک اپ  ۔ بالوں کی حفاظت ۔  آنکھوں کے حلقے   ۔   فیشل ماسک  

Makeup tips, Makeup tips in Urdu,bridal makeup tips

Makeup tips and application techniques for  foundation, eye shadow, face cosmetics, lipstick techniques, blush, mascara brushes etc.These makeup tips are really helpful to enhance your beauty.  Makeup tips and tricks that make you beautiful

Makeup Ideas For Autumn 2014

Having the perfect makeup look is the wish of every girl now. As by the help of the makeup products the skin flaws can be hidden, so that is why in some cases making the use of the makeup products in .....

Eyeliner Ideas For Stunning Eyes

When it comes to the makeup, there are many different tricks and techniques that you can try in order to have the different looks in the makeup. Even .....

Mirror and Beauty

Every morning, before you pass the mirror:

Between 5 and 10 minutes.

Less than 5 min.

More than 10 minutes.

Your beauty ritual like...The total in.....

How to do smokey eye makeup in minutes?

سموکی آنکھوں کا میک اپ

Before giving you all the secrets of the smokey eyes here are some useful  tips and tricks to master this technique for perfec.....

Makeup removal tips

میک اپ اتارنے کا طریقہ

If the application of Makeup requires an immense and greater expertise and attention at the same time its removal is another.....

Makeup for oily skin
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 06:31

چکنی جلد کیلئے میک اپ کا طریقہ

Oily skin is the most difficult skin type to maintain because no ordinary makeup will stay for a long time on this s.....

Eye makeup tips
Monday, 15 October 2012 10:15

آنکھوں کے میک اپ کے نئے ٹرنڈز

The most precious and beautiful gift bestowed to a person by God are the eyes.  The eyes are the reflection of the.....

Application of mascara
Monday, 15 October 2012 09:55

آنکھوں کا میک اپ اور مسکارا

Mascara is an another important tool in makeup. One question arises to know how to apply the mascara in the right way?

How to apply makeup in Urdu?

میک اپ کیسے کریں؟

Like many other things which help in the personality enhancement of a person make up can also be the boosting element of self est.....

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