بیوٹی ٹپس   ۔      جلد کی حفاظت   ۔    کیل مہاسے   ۔   آپکی صحت   ۔   موٹاپا   ۔   میک اپ  ۔ بالوں کی حفاظت ۔  آنکھوں کے حلقے   ۔   فیشل ماسک  

Weight loss tips for flat stomach in Urdu

Weight loss Tips for flat belly in Urdu. Burn your stomach fat with a healthy and natural way. Exercise for flat belly is also very essential. And always eat healthy food and avoid fatty foods.

  • Don't drink carbonated water, beacuase it contain sugar and sugar have lot of caleries. Certain vegetables such as lettuce, cauliflower, onions and artichokes are the foods to be treated with caution as they may cause flatulence.
  • Stress and anxiety is the major  cause of stomach fat, and always eat when you feel hungry. Go enjoy life with serenity, and relaxation techniques operate (such as yoga) will help us.
  • For the flat stomach you need to eat fruits and vegetables, because of their high water content and ease of digestion. Abdominal muscle training helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and helps to get a flat stomach.
  • Don't eat fried foods, because they can slow down our digestion heavier and slowernel tea or tea with star anise facilitate digestion and take the feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

Exercises in order to get a flat stomach

The Pilates exercises promote relaxation and tightens the abdominal muscles by lifting the chest when breathing. Daily abdominal workout for 10 minutes helps to strengthen the stomach and get a flat stomach. Walking, climbing stairs, swimming, dance, fitness and cycling help excrete excess water reinforce and strengthen the muscles in the abdominal region.

Weight loss tips for flat stomach in Urdu




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